Published Sunday, January 17th, 2010

“The floor was a labour of love for me.  It’s based on the squares of the tapa cloth, using the geometric shapes to break up the areas.  It took two weeks – I used acrylic and hand to paint a layer a day.  The whole family was around at the time but eventually they got kicked out while I varnished it.  It’s been down seven years so it’s lasting.

It’s a good home for the three children.  It was particularly good when they were toddlers – being open plan you could keep tabs on them but as they got older we put some extra doors in to block off the TV area and give them some privacy.

It’s a mixture of our personalities.  My work comes and goes as I paint for shows.  In the most recent I was interested in the shapes and forms flax create.  The Dick Frizzell tiki in the back is a favourite of my wife Ang’s.  The coffee table was her idea.  She’d been collecting those teacups – they’re all slightly different colours and slightly transparent.”

Photograph: Patrick Reynolds

Interview: Olivia Tully

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